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The Mulbuie Murderer

The Mulbuie Murderer by John Adam On Friday 16 October 1835, the inhabitants of Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, witnessed their last public hanging.  The man on the gallows was John Adam – The Mulbuie Murderer.  But who was John Adam?  Who did he murder and what was his motive? Contemporaneous reports claimed: … […]

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The Final Curtsey

The Final Curtsey – An excellent read Considering my usual fodder is murder mysteries and thrillers, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I'd certainly admit to being a royalist, and wasn't sure whether this would be any good but it's well written, totally unpretentious and an excellent read. Not a huge tome like some […]

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Elegant Simplicity by John Reed

Elegant Simplicity: Reflections on an Alternative Way of Being John Reed has written this book elegantly on a subject that most of us want to sweep under the carpet. His views, supported by some excellent research on the appaling economics of this country,is sound logic. Every banker, politician and economist should read it…. Read more….. […]

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