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Best Served Cold

DESCRIPTION: Journalist Roy Faulkner is the prime suspect in a murder inquiry when Kate Williams, the fellow journalist he accompanied to a night club appeared to disappear from the face of the earth. Worse still, he finds the detective who is investigating the case harbours a long-standing grudge against him dating back to their teenage […]

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Jill the Ripper

DESCRIPTION: A small revolutionary feminist group publishes a leaflet urging revenge attacks against men for what its author perceives to be the glorification of Jack the Ripper. Soon afterwards, the bodies of two men are found mutilated on derelict waste ground. The police begin to investigate whether there is a connection between the members of […]

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DESCRIPTION: Millennium is a fast moving story of our time. Fact blurs with fiction as a terrifying drama unfolds. A shadowy terrorist sect with a thousand years of history is preparing a devastating, simultaneous assault on the world’s most populous and famous cities. Only one man can confront the threat and he must depend on […]

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Path of Duty

DESCRIPTION: Robin Gordon Walker was born in 1911 and went to Wellington College in 1924, where he excelled academically and at sport. In 1932 he returned as a youthful and charismatic teacher. He and the chaplain Geoffrey How, both OWs, sought to bring a more liberal and enlightened attitude to College, a period which flourished […]

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The Silent Village

DESCRIPTION: A gripping novel set in the south of France, Italy and London. The heroine Sarah reveals that she has been adopted and we flash back to her mother caught up in the Nazi invasion and reprisals in her boyfriend’s family which nearly wipe out the village. We learn how she came to be adopted […]

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Wings of the Morning

Wings of the Morning by Julian Beale An adventure story of Africa spanning sixty years and three generations. Five university friends – the Oxford Five – become life-long friends,  as they set off on different paths but reunite to pursue a shared ideal, to establish a new model country in West Africa – Millennium – […]

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