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Three’s A Crowd

DESCRIPTION: A new thriller involving private detective Philip Rivers, star of the author’s first two books. It was supposed to be a quiet night out in a restaurant for private detective Philip Rivers with his friend and colleague Jo – but he could not take his eyes off the alleyway opposite where a man became […]

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Presumption of Guilt

DESCRIPTION: Rick Harper is back in town from University when the persecution begins again. Four years before the police thought he was guilty of the murder of two young women – Jenny Welsh and Lesley Peters – but could not find the evidence to prosecute him. He had intended to go to the party being […]

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Best Served Cold

DESCRIPTION: Journalist Roy Faulkner is the prime suspect in a murder inquiry when Kate Williams, the fellow journalist he accompanied to a night club appeared to disappear from the face of the earth. Worse still, he finds the detective who is investigating the case harbours a long-standing grudge against him dating back to their teenage […]

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