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One Mistake After Another

DESCRIPTION: One Mistake After Another is the story of one baby boomer’s odyssey that took him to many countries and cultures in the search for the holy grail of spiritual meaning in his life. This quest, at times, takes the form of a colourful and quixotic romp with perceptive snapshots of life in the 1960’s […]

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Elegant Simplicity

DESCRIPTION: Elegant Simplicity is learning to live with less, to respect others, to control one’s ego and try to preserve the precious resources on our planet. We have complicate dour lives with possessions, riches and clutter, whereas only in inner and outer simplicity can true fulfillment and happiness be found. By demanding less, we should […]

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Awakening the Universal Heart

Awakening the Universal Heart ‘I invite you to come on a journey with me into one of the most important, yet often most neglected dimension of yourself, namely your heart. I want to help you discover, as I have slowly been discovering, that our hearts not only hold the key to our being able to […]

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Elegant Simplicity by John Reed

Elegant Simplicity: Reflections on an Alternative Way of Being John Reed has written this book elegantly on a subject that most of us want to sweep under the carpet. His views, supported by some excellent research on the appaling economics of this country,is sound logic. Every banker, politician and economist should read it…. Read more….. […]

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