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Elegant Simplicity

Elegant Simplicity: Reflections on an Alternative Way of Being - buy on AmazonDESCRIPTION:
Elegant Simplicity is learning to live with less, to respect others, to control one’s ego and try to preserve the precious resources on our planet. We have complicate dour lives with possessions, riches and clutter, whereas only in inner and outer simplicity can true fulfillment and happiness be found. By demanding less, we should be ready to give more. We can respect our finite natural environment, overcome our ego and all that it demands, learn to love with our souls and live without pride. Therein lies understanding and happiness

John Reed was born in 1946 and has long studied the temptations of the ego and the wish for a prosperous and wealthy life. He now pursues elegant simplicity, dividing his time between south west France and New England, where he and his French wife have an art and antiques business in Maine USA.

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