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Joy’s Journey

By the time she had reached twenty-one, Joy Hunter had worked in the Offices of the War Cabinet in Churchill’s underground war rooms in preparation for D-Day 1944; been included in the Three Power Conference at Potsdam in 1945 between the victorious allies, Great Britain, USA and the Soviet Union; and then went to Washington for the post-war Bretton Woods agreement. She then joined the staff of the Archbishop of Canterbury, working at Lambeth

Joy had a traditional schooling. Her marriage to an architect in 1949 was sadly short-lived due to his early death leaving her with three children under six. She had to work, to support her young family. A fascinating career developed, in teaching, the NHS and Age UK – to name just three – and in 2009 she was involved in an exhibition commemorating the opening of the
Churchill underground War Rooms, which created much publicity. She was awarded an MBE
in 2013.

Joy Hunter was a vicar’s daughter and attended secretarial college which led to her fascinating and full life. She was awarded an MBE in 2013 for her charity work. She lives in Guildford, Surrey.
‘My life has been an incredible journey and I hope you enjoy reading about it.’ Joy Hunter

The author has many contacts with local Surrey newspapers; local charities; the Cabinet War
Rooms exhibition in Whitehall, London. She is expert in PR and publicity.

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