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Climate Change

Climate change is the overriding issue of our time.

In the face of recurring climate disasters, the resistance and inertia we witness today will slowly break down. Those who have seen the writing on the wall are already choosing to change the way they live. For the young, who are mobilizing impressively, climate change is a cause of much anxiety. Sooner or later every one of us will experience the consequences of a warming planet at which time we shall all be obliged to take appropriate action. What form this will take and in what state of mind, is the real question.

The purpose of Climate Change: The Path to a Sustainable Future is to suggest that transitioning to an inevitable post-carbon world is not necessarily the misfortune so many fear. On the contrary, this alternative model of society offers our fragile planet, plagued by resource depletion, violence, political instability and deep socio-economic inequities a path to a new psychological, physical and morally revitalized foundation on which to build a sustainable future for mankind.

John Reed is the author of:
Elegant Simplicity. Reflections on an Alternative Way of Being (2009). One Mistake After Another. A Chronicle of a Life and its Teachings (2015) Time is Running Out. Reflections on the Modern World (2020)

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