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The Naked Heroine

This is the fascinating story of Lydia Lova; one of the most decorated women in France for her
war-time resistance work; later a nude dancer at the Folies Bergėre.
The author, then a journalist working in Paris, heard about Lydia dancing nude at the Folies
and became fascinated by her story. He traces the life story of Lydia, born in Poland to a
Count, who as a young girl in 1939 joined the French resistance network run by her father. For
eighteen months she danced for the German officers in Pigalle by day, and by night she
spied on them. Then came betrayal and she and her father were arrested by the Gestapo.
She was sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp. Somehow this young girl organized her
own resistance movement inside the camp and avoided the gas chamber. For her services
she was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Légion d’Honneur.
The Naked Heroine is an exciting and moving story about one woman’s fight and love for her

John Izbicki is the author of his autobiography, Life Between the Lines, published to great
critical acclaim. He worked as a journalist for the Telegraph for many years, including two
stints in Paris, where he met Lydia Lova and had many scoops, including the first interview with
Paul Getty.

John Izbicki has numerous press and journalistic contacts and achieved much publicity for his
first book. This is certain to be replicated for The Naked Heroine.

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