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The Silent Village

A gripping novel set in the south of France, Italy and London. The heroine Sarah reveals that she has been adopted and we flash back to her mother caught up in the Nazi invasion and reprisals in her boyfriend’s family which nearly wipe out the village. We learn how she came to be adopted and she returns to France and Italy to discover the truth. Brilliantly written, it grips the reader from first page to last.

Merryn Corcoran has been a publicist, a top retailer and a highly successful marketer. She has written short stories but this is her first novel. Born in New Zealand she and her husband divide their time between London, Menton, France and New Zealand.

The author has extensive media contacts and is guaranteed publicity, especially with the Daily Mail. She plans a launch party for many of her famous contacts, to ensure reviews.

Vine House Distribution Ltd. does not distribute this title in the following areas:
New Zealand

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