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Three’s A Crowd

A new thriller involving private detective Philip Rivers, star of the author’s first two books.

It was supposed to be a quiet night out in a restaurant for private detective Philip Rivers with his friend and colleague Jo – but he could not take his eyes off the alleyway opposite where a man became embroiled in three separate arguments with different women. It transpired that the man, Rob Corcoran was romantically linked with the three women. Three days later he was dead and Rivers was asked by his parents to investigate their son’s murder.

Rivers has the help of his partner, Jo and Chief Inspector Manners with whom he had worked before. Can they find Rob’s killer before more lives are lost?

Richard Garner has written a powerful and gripping crime thriller, featuring Philip Rivers, who starred in his previous novels, Best Served Cold and Jill The Ripper. A journalist for forty years on major newspapers, his switch to writing crime thrillers is a resounding success.

Thriller/detective story followers/General readers

Top thriller by skilled educational journalist.
Guaranteed publicity from colleagues and friends of author

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