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Time is Running Out

In Time is Running Out: Reflections on an Alternative Way of Being, John Reed presents the reader with an honest and uncompromising appraisal of how politics, capitalism, social conditions and climate change are interrelating so as to constitute a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges that will determine the future of civilisation.

It is not the strongest, or the most intelligent of the species that survive. It is the ones most adaptable to change, stated Charles Darwin.

John Reed explains that ‘the ones most adaptable to change’ will be those with the necessary psycho/spiritual resources. This book examines what that means and how human consciousness must evolve to make life sustainable in society and on the planet as a whole.

This is an important and timely polemic from the author of Elegant Simplicity, published in 2009 and One Mistake after Another, published in 2018.

John Reed was born in 1946 and has long studied the temptations of the ego and the wish for a prosperous and wealthy life. He now pursues elegant simplicity, dividing his time between south west France and New England, where he and his French wife have an art and antiques business in Maine USA.

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