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Am I Loved?

Am I Loved? is a thought-provoking, beautifully written book which explores the human condition from an entirely original perspective. It continues where Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker left off presenting a carefully evidenced understanding of life which is ground breaking in its implications. The blend of philosophy and psychology theory takes the reader on a unique journey. It provides a new understating of a universal experience which was previously hardly understood at all.

Husband of one, father of four and grandfather of two and a former overworked lawyer, John D Bieber is the author of If Divorce is the Only Way (Penguin) which he wrote to help divorcees avoid having a bad divorce follow a bad marriage. Realising that there was a vacuum of understanding about the role that emotions play in our lives the obvious question arose “How can we function as sophisticated human beings when we can neither understand nor control our emotions?” This book answers that question. The author resides in rural Sussex where he endeavours to live in accordance with the philosophy explained in this book.

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