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William Stone died in 1958 at the age of 101, leaving a fortune to his Cambridge College, Peterhouse. How he made his fortune is a mystery – he never had a paid job, never married, and was one of seven children. But he lived a full life, travelling the world and in London where he rode daily in Rotten Row in Hyde Park, had many adventures and attended every theatrical first night. He stood for parliament, helped preserve the historic Albany chambers and told a rich series of anecdotes about his time as ‘Squire of Piccadilly’.

After graduating from Peterhouse Cambridge, Sam Osmond joined Shell International Petroleum and worked in many countries, finishing in charge of Shell’s business in Hong Kong and China. He then ran charities in Nepal and in London, and took a further degree in Architectural History. He lives in London and Petersfield.

Author, Albany in Piccadilly and Peterhouse College, Cambridge.


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